Shades of White Photography specialise exclusively in lifestyle photography.

Lizelle Haughton is the photographer and founder of Shades of White Photography.

Her love for art (in all it’s forms) started back in High school during the 1990’s. After graduating from Hoerskool Waterkloof in Pretoria, she studied B.Com Marketing at The University of Pretoria. Soon after her studies she traveled to the USA where she studied further majoring in Fine Art at Irvine Valley in Orange County, California.

On 16 September 2001, days after the 911 terrorist attack in the US she was back on a plane to South-Africa seeking new adventures.

She met her husband Neville the following year and were married within three months. They will be celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary with their 14 year old daughter Naschelle and 10 year old Daniel.

Her love for photography naturally evolved over the years from friends and family asking her to document weddings and all things in between. This hobby however proved to be an expensive undertaking and she decided to start a company to cover the cost of equipment and other costs to produce professional, high quality images.

Because the birth of the business grew from a passion to create and capture the beauty of moments and memories, She only accept a limited amount of family and wedding shoots per annum to ensure a final product that will satisfy the expectations of her clients.

Over the years the business grew into a successful family owned business with the support of her clients. She have been asked to capture the memories of many families and wedding couples and were fortunate enough to be published in Sarie Magazine.

A Word from Lizelle

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
— Aaron Siskind

When celebrating the seasons of our lives, whether it be the joy of a wedding or the opportunity to capture memories with our loved ones, using a professional photographer is worth the investment. 

In this day and age we take thousands of photographs. Our smart phones, laptops and memorie cards are cluttered with images that can disappear at any time and be a faded lost memory.

I believe there is something magical in photographs that tell a story, in images that will be with us in many years to come. Their are few individuals that have the gift to document celebrations and milestones in our lives. Capturing what others might miss and in the same breath creating beautiful images.

Before deciding on a photographer there are a few things to keep in mind and beware of. Take the time to get to know your photographer, their personal style and be sure they have the proper equipment and skill to deliver.

I hope to hear from you and submit a proposal for your consideration.

Regards, Lizelle